Case Study Overview


Following the purchase of several branches, this $1.5 billion leading community bank needed a solution for moving massive amounts of data to their core banking system. CB&S Bank was faced with over 20,000 customer accounts and 2,500 loans to merge into their core banking system, but did not want to drain time and resources. They found a solution to move a massive amount of data to their core banking system over the course of a weekend and not disrupt their financial systems and services. 

Learn how EnableSoft helped CB&S Bank implement a Robotic Process Automation software that was able to load and fund 25 to 40 lines of credit, and close and add addendums to 40 to 50 accounts per week. Both proccess which took two to three hours now only take thirty minutes to an hour. Amy Suddith, Assistant Vice President, was able to save 900 employee-hours in a year’s time using Foxtrot to automate daily, weekly, and monthly processes.