Q: What is RPA?

A: Robotic Process Automation, RPA, is a software technology that allows for the automation of various computer tasks or computer-based business processes. RPA is a broad term for process automation or workflow automation technology, used to streamline both complex and simple processes that are typically done by a human on a computer. Automation is achieved by deploying software “bots” that have been trained on the exact mouse-motions, keystrokes, and rule-based logic underlying a given task. Foxtrot by EnableSoft is an RPA software. Click here to read our guide What is RPA?


Q: What if I am not familiar with using RPA software?

A: You do not need any prior programming or coding knowledge to use Foxtrot RPA software. If you know the process you’re trying to automate, you can easily teach Foxtrot how to do it. EnableSoft also offers customer support, professional service support, and certification training on using Foxtrot.


Q: How are organizations using Foxtrot to better their business operations?

A: Foxtrot can be used across every industry. Many businesses look for RPA solutions when they are in 1 of 2 scenarios:

  1. An upcoming large project that requires significant work with data and different systems to integrate and communicate with each other. 

  2. Tasks that are manual and routine which require company resources.

An organization will get the most out of RPA if it is used in both of these scenarios. Think of RPA software as an “automated employee” on your team that can do any task that is manual and repetitive, no matter if it’s routine or project-based. If an organization decides to use RPA, they’ll discover more and more use cases across different business functions and departments. Nearly all businesses will be able to find manual work tasks related to HR, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, operations, purchasing and inventory, or IT and security, that can be automated with RPA.  


Q: How do I know how many licenses my organization will need?

A: This will depend on what processes you’re automating and how many process automations you want to run simultaneously. The best way to figure out the number of licenses needed is to talk with one of our automation experts.


Q: Is Foxtrot cloud-based or on-premises?

A: Foxtrot is an on-premise software and can be installed on your network.


Q: What applications can Foxtrot work within?

A: Foxtrot works within the Windows OS environments. It can be used within Internet Explorer, Excel, Outlook, core banking applications, loan origination systems, ERP’s, EMR’s, and others.


Q: Do you need programming skills to write scripts?

A: You don’t need to be a programmer to write a script, it’s meant to be intuitive and easy to learn. Foxtrot learns your workflow and remembers the objects it interacts with to then complete it with automation.


Q: How does Foxtrot know what action to do?

A: Foxtrot’s smart technology recognizes the underlying code of the field or button it is interacting with. Actions are presented that are logical to the field or button so no guessing which actions to select. Foxtrot is object based so it looks for the object code not the screen position.


Q: What are the ideal processes for Foxtrot?

A: Foxtrot uses the acronym SURE to determine if a process is ideal for automating.

    S - Structured Data. Fields, Files, CSV/Excel, Websites, etc.

    U - User Interface. Foxtrot sees and interacts with what YOU, the user, sees and interacts with on your computer.

    R - Rules-Based Processes. IF/THEN logic and math functions.

    E - Economical. Foxtrot is your Automated Employee and can work 24/7 with no time off. Processes big or small can be automated allowing you to realize a positive ROI in no time!


Q: Okay, Foxtrot sounds like software that my organization needs. What are the next steps?

A: If you are interested in learning more about Foxtrot powered by EnableSoft the next step would be to request a demo. From here the EnableSoft team will schedule a call for you with an automation expert. The automation expert will help determine if Foxtrot is right for you and what processes you’ll be able to automate with Foxtrot.